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A Harrowing Boat Crash At The On The Columbia River.
A salmon fisherman who abandoned ship by leaping into the frigid waters of the Columbia River last summer, an
instant before another motorboat crashed into his -- has filed a $372,500 lawsuit against the other driver.
Clatsop County sheriff’s deputies accused boat driver Marlin Lee Larsen of several crimes after the 75-year-old
told investigators he couldn’t see where he was driving because he was sitting down and the dash of his boat
was blocking his view. Larsen said he probably should have been standing, according to the sheriff’s report,
which notes Larsen uses a motorized scooter to get around on land. A GoPro camera mounted to the Weldcraft fishing
boat captured the frantic seconds as Larsen’s Bayliner Trophy motorboat speeds directly at them. McMahon can
be seen waving his arms and yelling in an attempt to get Larsen to steer clear -- just before the trio jump into the water.

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