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Grizzly Bear Charge Captured by Filmmaker

A B.C. filmmaker says he's lucky to be alive after narrowly avoiding a grizzly attack while filming in the Robson Valley,
southeast of Prince George. Leon Lorenz, who lives in Dunster, B.C., was filming grizzly bears in a
nearby valley last Monday evening when he spotted a bear and her cub. Lorenz said he took cover behind
a spruce tree so he could film the bears without disturbing them, but the mother bear picked up his scent.
She turned suddenly, he said, and looked him right in the eyes. Then, roaring, she charged through the trees right at Lorenz.
He recalls thinking, "This is for real. This is ... no bluff charge."
Leon Lorenz fired a single gunshot into the air, scaring the grizzly bears away as they charged towards him.

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