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To The Firemen & Police

Path To Heaven

When the bell tolled, 
You answered the call,
Without reservation only duty,
To Honor your oath you came.
With your valor never weakening,
Your response to serve arrived,
You set your course to save,
Without hesitation you came.
With a never failing courage,
A mindset to help and a heart  to heal, 
You answered the  solemn call,
 As the bell tolled again.
Without knowing your fate that day,
You looked upon the thousand faces,
And saw the fear of death that day,
 Without hesitation you came.
Men and women you never knew,
Cry out in praise of you for they live,
Your life for them you gave that day,
The bell now tolls welcoming you,
 To The Path To Heaven

By David Scherrey
Copyright 3-11-02


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