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Wonderful Days Of The Past

What a wonderful life we had as kids, not a worry in the world.
Whether one era or another was "better" depends on whom you ask. For example, some people think the "good old days"
were always better, because these people are not happy with their current life, so they think the past
was superior to how things are now. And a case can definitely be made that in the 50s or 60s,
life was simpler, people were more innocent and less suspicious, there was more of a sense of community,
neighbors knew each other, and some modern problems like AIDS did not exist. The 50s were the era when the popular
culture began to change, as baby-boomer children wanted their own music, rather than the
Big Band music their parents liked. Rock and roll was new: Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly and
doo-wop music ruled, and young people loved to listen to radio and hear their favorite disc jockeys.
Television was becoming the most popular mass medium, with many new programs and stars for parents and for kids
. The economy was strong and many people were able to move to bigger homes, own new cars, and buy the
newest consumer goods. if you asked those people, they probably thought the 50s were a
wonderful time to be alive.

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