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Walmart has become the type of store that attracts various stripes of people. Here's something to think about.
The store may be America's last true retail melting pot. So, to honor the folks who frequent the family chain—they're
a colorful cast of characters. WalMart discount retailer was founded in the sixties and was in direct
competition to Kmart, however lower prices and the fact that they built superstores which offered everything from food
to clothing, soon set them apart. Deep discount means that consumers from all walks of life are likely to shop there,
and it seems that it has become the mecca of come as you are, no need to dress up, or even put on pants that fit for that matter,
some folks come with bad hairdos, excessive tattoos or ill-fitting clothing.
It seems that the world is indeed fascinated with the people of Walmart.
People Of WalMart

Yes, they were playing strip poker on aisle 3 & that's how I lost my pants.

No, I can't imagine why match.com cannot find me a partner.
Psst, I think your wig fell off.

Bronx Cheer......I get it now.

He's the only one that could pull off white shoes after Labor Day.

Take a hint, the Michelob Light isn't working.

First stop, fried chicken. Shucks no thighs!

She won the Moe haircut contest.

Let me guess. You went to an exorcism & your head got stuck.

The view couldn't have gotten worse. This is a win-win situation.

Hey, the ink on your probation paperwork was not yet dry when you sat on them.

I was going so fast when I saw this great bargain, slammed on my brakes & my pants just flew off!!!

Madam Pompadour's long lost cousin?

Hey, it's Mark Spitz. He ran out of pool supplies.

It was terrible, I was trapped in this deep, dark, smelly place & I finally worked myself out.

It's orthopedic. This outfit keeps her from becoming hunchbacked.

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